Traffic Safety Program

wdt_ID Project Name Safety Data Operations Simulation/ Human Factors
1 Analysis of Roundabouts at Ramp Terminals X
2 Bike Pedestrian Counts X
3 Bridge Safety Improvements Prioritization Methodology Development X X
4 Complete Streets X X
5 Crash Database Improvement X
6 Cross Median Hot Spot Analysis X X
7 Data Resource Guide X X
8 Development of a Virtual Road Safety Audit Methodology X
9 Development of Arterial Truck Safety Risk Index X X
10 Elongated Pavement Markings X X X
11 Evaluation of Wisconsin Median Cable Barrier Systems X X
12 Flashing Yellow Arrow
13 Highway Safety Improvement Program Support X X
14 Intersection Safety X X
15 MV4000 Data Quality Audit X X
16 NCHRP 17-49- Guide for Effective Tribal Crash Reporting X X
17 Neural Correlates of Older Driver Performance X X
18 Next Generation Intersection Control X
19 Operation and Safety Impacts of Run-Off-Road Crashes in Wisconsin: Object Hits and Ramp Terminals X X X
20 Road Safety Audits X
21 Roundabout Safety and Operations X X X
22 Roundabout Software Evaluation X
23 Rural Intersection Collision Avoidance System X X
24 Safety Analyst Evaluation X X
25 Safety Evaluation of 2 Lane to 4 Lane Conversions X
26 Safety Evaluation of Horizontal Curves X X
27 Statistical In-Service Safety Performance Evaluation of Guardrail End Treatments X X
28 Strategic Highway Safety Plan Implementation Support X
29 STH 164 Speed Monitoring and Safety improvement Evaluation X X
30 System-Wide Large Truck Safety Analysis X
31 Trail Crossing Treatments X
32 Virtual Road Safety Audit of the Watertown Plank Road Interchange X
33 Wisconsin Experimental Test Intersection X
34 Wisconsin Snow and Ice Management Technology Evaluation X X
35 Wisconsin Struck-by and Secondary Incident Research X X
36 Iowa Curves Project X X
37 Evaluation of Winter Maintenance with Salt Brine Applications in Wisconsin X X