wdt_ID Year Title Contributors
1 2016 A Software-Based Methodology to Obtain Time-to-Collision Measurements from Existing Radar-Based Vehicle Detection Infrastructure K. Santiago, A. Bill, M. Chitturi, D. Noyce
2 2016 Improving the Content of Crash Records: The Case for a Data Fusion Approach K. Santiago, K. Brose, A. Bill, D. Noyce
3 2016 Understanding Driver Distractions in Fatal Crashes: An Exploratory Empirical Analysis L. Qin, Z. Li, A. Bill, D. Noyce
4 2016 Safety Performance-Based Lighting Prioritization Method for Freeways and Interchanges L. Yu, Z. Li, A. Bill, D. Noyce
5 2016 Citywide Hourly Traffic Emissions Estimation Using Cellular Activity Data Q. Li, Yang Cheng, F. Ding, B. Ran
6 2016 Extended Kalman Filter-based Freeway Traffic State Estimation Using Cellphone Activity Data, Forthcoming S. He, Yang Cheng, F. Ding, J. Zhang, B. Ran
7 2016 Enhanced ITS Data Quality Issue Identification by Incorporating Geospatial Information and Planning Data X. Chen, Yang Cheng, Steven Parker, B. Ran, D. Noyce
8 2016 Proactive Five-Step Process Model for Effective Tribal Crash Reporting Z. Li, D. Noyce, A. Bill, K. Chesnik, X. Qin, A. Macy
9 2016 Field Evaluation of Elongated Pavement Marking Signs M. Chitturi, I. Alsghan, K. Santiago, D. Noyce
10 2016 Work Zone Crash Cost Prediction Using a Least Median Squares Linear Regression Model Y. Chang, S. Parker, B. Ran, D. Noyce