Safety Analyst Evaluation

Granting Agency: Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Researchers: David Noyce (PI), Andrea Bill

Primary Project Objectives

SafetyAnalyst is the state-of-the-art analytical tools for use in the decision-making process to identify and manage a system-wide program of site-specific improvements to enhance highway safety by cost-effective means and the only one being undertaken at the national level. By evaluating SafetyAnalyst analytical functions and validating the results it can be determined if SafetyAnalyst is in fact an effective tool. Highway agencies will be able to use SafetyAnalyst to investigate the potential benefits of specific safety improvements and conduct a thorough economic analysis.

Highway traffic.

The purpose of this research was to implement and test the use of SafetyAnalyst using Wisconsin data, evaluate SafetyAnalyst analytical functions, and validate the results. There were two main parts of the project. The first part included tasks undertaken to prepare and evaluate Wisconsin Data for use with SafetyAnalyst and successfully import, post process, and calibrate the data. The second part of the project included the detailed evaluation and assessment of SafetyAnalyst modules, their functionalities and comparison with current WisDOT practices. The objectives were to test the workings of SafetyAnalyst using Wisconsin data and evaluate the functions and validate the SafetyAnalyst analysis output.

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