Research Areas

The TOPS Lab is currently engaged in several interdisciplinary initiatives:

The TD&S research area has developed a variety of practitioner and research tools for:

  • Accessing crash data
  • Sharing traffic video with partner agencies
  • Translating real-time law enforcement data for traffic management use
  • Archiving and retrieving traffic flow data
  • Managing winter weather event data
  • Improving traveler information

The TSM&O research area leads a variety of on-going research and support initiatives:

  • Facilitation of multi-state transportation coalitions (e.g., Great Lakes Transportation Operations Coalition from Ontario to Minnesota)
  • ITS asset management systems development and support
  • Evaluation and testing of emerging ITS technologies
  • Design and support for traveler information systems

The TSE research area leads a variety of research including:

  • Driving simulator research and studies for new traffic control devices or roadway configurations
  • Roundabout safety and operations analysis
  • Programmatic support for DOT safety programs
  • Strategic Highway Safety Plan development support
  • Flashing yellow arrow research
  • New technology evaluation for signalized intersections