Wisconsin Traffic Operations Infrastructure Plan

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) established a Traffic Operations Infrastructure Plan (TOIP) with the goal of developing a methodology and associated tool to strategically evaluate potential operational improvements from technology applications, improved communications, and intelligent transportation systems (ITS) in a manner similar to traditional highway improvement projects. The planning effort has resulted in a quantifiable method for that evaluation, designed to build upon current WisDOT planning and programming processes.

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Introduction to TOIP

The TOIP Methodology and Final Report was completed in May 2008. It is structured around primary corridors across Wisconsin, and the technology areas include detection, incident management, traffic signal systems, surveillance, ramp and highway traffic flow management, communications, and traveler warning and information.

In 2009, a TOIP Implementation Plan was completed which refines the locations to install ITS devices. This plan also included the development of a project scheduling and implementation tracking tool to monitor progress on TOIP project implementation. As part of the implementation plan, Economic Analyses for each region were also performed to provide benefit/cost analysis of deploying ITS elements.

In 2010, a TOIP Update was initiated which is intended to apply newer data reflecting current patterns. It is also intended to include additional ITS technologies not considered in the original report.

The 2011 TOIP Communication System Layer (CSL) was recently completed identifying statewide communication infrastructure needs and develops detailed deployment plans considering connections to related devices.

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The TOIP received the FHWA & FTA Transportation Planning Excellence Award


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